Glasgow Airport – Best of Scotland – Witches Perform

The first of what we hope will be a long term relationship with Glasgow Airport as part of the Best of Scotland Campaign happened on Friday , 30th August when we inhabited the departures hall with bemused, costumed characters from 1697. Our cast members were terrified of the flying carriages (no horses even!) and strange display boards. People talking into sticks, tapping their fingers on boards and drinking out of cups that seemed to smash when pressed too harshly were only some of the terrifying experiences they encountered.   Modern day travelers found the antics amusing and certainly entertained them as they waited for their delayed flights to Malaga – Liz Gardiner (Project Coordinator)

People in Paisley town centre on the 30th August were intrigued as some of our cast walked from the Paisley Centre to get the service bus 757 to Glasgow Airport – soon we were lined up at the bus shelter at Gilmour Street station along with other passengers who were interested to know what we were doing, and there was also the opportunity to chat briefly to travelers entering and leaving the station – the bus arrived, and the driver and existing passengers coped very well with us all getting on board – in our varied costumes it certainly made for a colourful picture as we sat with the other passengers, many of whom were very interested in what we were about!

The Glasgow Airport experience was itself quite something, and we were soon busily engaging with passengers and staff as we re-enacted parts of our story, even indulging in conversations in French and Spanish!

A very good experience for cast who were able to attend, and a good team exercise! – Jim Rutherford ( Artistic Director)

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