Opportunities for Actors and Performers

We still have some spaces for groups and individuals who are able to perform and/or create their own street scene and become part of the re-enactment.  We have drama workers who can come out to you and assist with this along with a costume shop where you can go for help with your costume.

Please contact us on 07873723420 if you would like to get involved or just come along to rehearsals at 7 pm every Thursday at the YMCA office on Paisley High Street.

Where to get your Costume Materials

We are very pleased with the support that has been shown from other shops in the Paisley Centre.   Helen’s Haberdashery & Hobigoblin on the second floor of the Paisley Centre are providing anyone who is making a costume for the 9th of June a 10% discount on all materials bought for a costume.  Below is a list of materials most commonly used for costumes and their prices.

Bi-stretch for  Skirts/tops/waist-coats                    £3.00/mtr

Calico for Skirts/tops/aprons                                  £4.00/mtr

Polycotton Plain for Petticoats/aprons/bonnets       £3.00/mtr

Polycotton Stripe for Aprons                                     £3.30/mtr

Lace Trim and Apron tape also Available

Please deduct a further 10%from all prices given

If you would like a discount on material to make a costume, please speak to one of our volunteers and they will provide you with a discount card to use in Helen’s Haberdashery.

There is a further list of materials and prices for download on the costume page of this website, as well as suggestions of materials that can be used from around the house.

Letter of Thanks from Weaving Musical Threads

On behalf of the whole Renfrewshire Musical Threads committee, thank you very much for being a part of the Weaving Musical Threads weekend. We could not have made it happen without your participation and enthusiasm.

As ours was a Making Music, Music Nation weekend we wanted to pass on the message received from Helen Thomas in London.

I hope that you and your group members had a wonderful weekend. Well done to you all for making such an amazing contribution to Music Nation, and for kicking off the Countdown to the London 2012 Festival with such panache.

Helen Thomas, Making Music, Once In A Lifetime Project Officer

We are gathering together any photographs or videos of the weekend – please do let us know if you have pictures or footage. If they are used the photographer / creator will be acknowledged.

We are discussing how Weaving Musical Threads as a platform for the Arts can continue. If you have any input you would like to contribute, please can you get in touch with us as soon as possible?

We look forward to the continued collaboration with and for the Arts in Renfrewshire.

Elise Kelly

Chair, Renfrewshire Musical Threads


Touring Exhibition Launch

Today was wonderful The team did the most terrific job… performances that convince to the extent that we are really beginning to believe in the characters Well done Ian and Margaret for co-ordinating … Well done Nat for directing and presenting The performers – I salute you with respect!!… what a lot of guts it takes to stand up there in front of 60 people ! WOW you were amazing!! Alan, thanks for telling us about the work of the Trust Stephen… the research work is substantial and everyone got the impact and depth,,, not to mention the amount of work you and the team have put in Ann the costumes are TERRIFIC and thanks to the fablevision team for capturing it all on camera Claire The learning resources are SO impressive your teachers were raving about your training session at the end – they are going away to get stuck right into it with their classes. WHAT A JOB GUYS WE DID OURSELVES PROUD So much so that George Adam MSP has invited us to go to the parliament in Edinburgh to give our presentation in front of an assembled group of MSPs as an example of a town on its uppers which is pulling itself up through grass roots initiatives YEAY!! WE CAN DO THAT!! WELL DONE ALL

Liz Gardiner

Can you sew?

We are looking for volunteers to help in the shop with making costumes.  If you can spare any time to help us,  please pop into our costume shop on the ground floor of the Paisley Centre.  We are open Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Calling all actors and performers

Hey guys, I’m sending out a shout for any actors that are looking to get involved 🙂 we need as many actors as we can get and the more the merrier 🙂 ‘phone me on 07949734450 or come along to the YMCA Shop at the top of New Street at 7 on a Thursday night for Rehearsals.  Bring as many people as you want, we’ve got loads of characters that we need to fill 🙂 – Natalie

Shop Launch


The RWH 1697 project is really progressing well. We have opened a shop in the Paisley Centre where you can find out more about the project, see volunteers in costume creating marvellous outfits for the cast and where you can create your own costume for the big day on the 9th June. Everyone wants in on the project, at the official opening which was performed by Brian Lawson (leader of Renfrewshire Council) the papparazzi (well the guys from www.paisley.org.uk) were in attendance  to capture the event as was the PDE. Our MSP George Adam was there too and our MP Douglas Alexander popped  in later for a chat with the volunteers and staff. Our thanks also go to the staff of the Muffin Break (delicious) who took part in the festivities by dressing up in costumes of the period. The project has grown tremedously with lots of community groups indicating their eagerness to take part in the grand re-enactment on the 9th June.

check out the pictures from the launch in the gallery section Here

Costume Shop Now Open

Why not pop into our Costume Shop at the bottom of the Paisley Centre, next to Magic Moments.   Find out more about the project and volunteer to help make costumes or get advice and help to make your own costume for the re-enactment day on June 9th.

The shop is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm.

Costume Shop Launch

The costume shop launch will be on Saturday 17 March between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.  Our actors will be there in full costume.  Please come along to meet us.

The costume shop will be a drop in centre where anyone can come along to make their own 17th Century style costumes and find out more about the project and the story using a multi-media display.  Anyone wanting to get involved with the project either as an individual or as a group can register  here.

If anyone has any old sheets, linens, wool blankets in plain colours they would like to donate to be used for costume making please bring them along.

The shop is located on the ground floor of the Paisley Centre, between The Games Centre and the Magic Moments shop.