Horse and Cart – Event Update

This week Ian (Event Operations Manager) was away at Pollock Country Park to meet with Lorraine Clark to see the horse and cart, who is the head carter at the park. Lorraine had met with Ian last week to walk the route of the procession and got a chance to see some of the work that we do in the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt shop including some of our 17th Century costume.

The horse and cart for the accused.

The cart proper name a dray (pictured right), will have the 7 accused in it as they are taken from the top of Paisley High Street down into County Square and ending in Abbey Close where the re-enactment will take place. The cart will be decorated as if it has just been tranported her straight from the 17th century and Lorraine and the other professional operators will be in full costume for their job at the time. They will be followed by the other characters from the re-enactment, including towns folk, militia, family and friends and also their accusers.

Last year the horses and cart took everyone’s breath away, its not a usual sight to see in the streets of Paisley. You really dont want to miss this!

There will be the opportunity to get your picture taken with the horses and cart prior the public procession at 3pm, that will be down in County Square.

You should go have a walk around Pollock Country Park and got have a look at the horses before the big day!

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