Re-Enactment Festival 5th October 2013

On 5th October – 11am – 5pm 2013  Paisley Town Centre will return to 1697 for a unique re-enactment festival and everyone is invited to dress in historic attire, come into town and join in the re-enactment of the story of the Paisley Witches

This is to be a yearly event held in Paisley Town Centre. If you would like to get involved then please check out our Opportunities page to find out what you can volunteer opportunities we have.

We look forward to seeing you in costume on the 5th of October, hopefully in full 17th Century costume. Please feel free to drop into our base at Unit 17, Paisley Shopping Centre, High Street, PA1 2AQ for more information or contact us on


County Square 

  • Fire Performer – Juggling, dancing and moreRenfrewshire Witch Hunt - Re-enactment Group
  • Hog Roast  and a winter menu of food
  • Renfrewshire Witch Hunt Actors performing some scenes, including a bar brawl and a gentry scene
  • Kids from David O’Rorke Historical Adventures performing scenes
  • Hoots Owls with 7 birds of pray including falcons and owls.
  • A stall with props such as Armour, swords, shields and more


Public Procession

Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 - Public Prcoession

  • A public procession with actors from RWH, community groups such as,  Historical Adventures, SONAS,  Capability Scotland, members from Sma Shot Cottages and many more all in 1697 costume interacting with the public as they head toward Abbey Close
  • A horse and cart leading the way, with two large Clydesdale horses and a rickety old themed cart with the accused in the back ready to be taken to trial.
  • Militia guarding the accused with handheld burning torches

Abbey Close (Main Performance)

  • Three Flambeaux outside Paisley Town Hall
  • A main performance from the actors of Renfrewshire Witch Hunt (trained by Erskine Theatre Company)
  • Singing from SONAS group singing in Gaelic
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