Re-enactment Update


Re-enactment actors in full costume, Abbey Close PaisleyThere have been lots of things to do in the preparation for the re-enactment . Finalising the storyline and the actual script have been essential tasks. Actors had to be recruited, auditioned, and casting effected.

Links needed to be further developed with community groups and partner organisations, as to involvement and direction and content of that involvement. Rehearsals had to be organised and a location for those rehearsals had to be found. Costumes had to be agreed re design and manufacture.
Orientation sessions were begun, to assist all actors with the process of thinking themselves into the late 17th Century Scotland and 1697 Paisley in particular.
The presentation of the Touring Exhibition to community organisations is now well under way, and the presentations to schools are now being finalised re dates and locations.
The technical aspects of the Project are also in course of being finalised, as it is important that this runs in parallel with the rehearsals, so that the two streams come logically together to ensure a smooth, interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking experience for all who witness what we do.
If you are interested in becoming an actor for the event, touring exhibitions for this year or next then please visit here for more information –  Jim Rutherford, ETC


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