Re-enactment Update

Nicky, Hope and Cheryl rehearsing at Reid Kerr


Six weeks to go and our actors are getting ready for the big performance.

Rehearsals are taking place twice a week- Thursday nights and Saturday Mornings in the Shop Unit.

Each week, different scenes are rehearsed, giving actors a chance to build up their confidence and talent!

This week, we rehearsed the infamous Milk Scene, in which the young maid Katherine Campbell cursed Christian Shaw when she was caught drinking a glass of milk. The gentry scene, in which the most well off and respected people of the town discussed the strange case of Christian Shaw’s fits. We were also able to rehearse the arrival of Christian and her parents to meet the well known and respected Dr Brisbane, leading eventually to the diagnoses of Bewitchment!!!

The actors are becoming more confident with every run through of the scenes, and with all day rehearsals planned in the coming weeks, real progress will be made, a final big push before the main event on the 5th of October.

The Costume designers are working hard to ensure that all of the actors are dressed in historically accurate period costume that enables them to get right into character.

We are working closely with the events management team from Fablevision, ensuring that as much of the day as possible is authentic to the festival day that would have taken place on the 10th of June 1697- the day of the real Witch Trials.

Props and sets are now being sourced, some more difficult than others. The most unusual of places are throwing up the most difficult props to find, a milk churn being found in a volunteer’s back garden! We are also trying to build as much of the sets as we can and have the chance to really showcase what life would have been like in 1697!

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