RWH 1697 – A Poem by Moira Hamilton

I today tell a tale so horrid but true
No fairytale ending but myths that have grew …
Of an 11 yr old girl who caught her maid stealing
And off to her parents she did run squealing
The maid so enraged cursed the devil himself
Then everyone worried of the young mistresses health
Stiff as a corpse then fitting begun
Was Katie a Witch should she be hung
The family sailed to the bestest quack
But he was baffled medical records did lack
No possible reason for the illness she has got
But was it Magic did the Witches all plot
The family tried everything in vane
To settle the girl but was she insane
Determined for justice for their daughter theyd fight
They would trial them as Witches but were they right
In 1697 did wealth rule the law
Did those poor souls bewitch the lassie Shaw
30 accused 7 tortured and excecuted
There innocent blood runs, Paisleys town now polluted
A horseshoe marks there resting place
But did paisleys people fall from grace
Lift the horseshoe let the spirits rise
Onto the heavens above the skies
The Witch hunt continues but the story must cease
To allow the 7 victims to finally rest in peace……….