Shop and Crafts Update

17th Century CostumeThe shop is now set up and ready to welcome in community groups for craft and costume workshops!

Each craft session is catered to fit the needs of the people attending, with a minimum of three different activities for people to choose from; Sewing, painting, jewellery making, paper collaging, button pictures and more. All items made can be taken away, or left to be completed during another time slot. Any items left will be put on display, available for members of the public to buy J

We offer three time slots- 45 minutes, 1 Hour or 90 Minutes.

Depending on the number of people attending, there will be a minimum of two workshop leaders who will make sure that every takes part-but most of all enjoys what they are doing.

To Book a time slot with us, please email or phone the shop unit on 0141 3284310

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