Touring Exhibition Launch

Today was wonderful The team did the most terrific job… performances that convince to the extent that we are really beginning to believe in the characters Well done Ian and Margaret for co-ordinating … Well done Nat for directing and presenting The performers – I salute you with respect!!… what a lot of guts it takes to stand up there in front of 60 people ! WOW you were amazing!! Alan, thanks for telling us about the work of the Trust Stephen… the research work is substantial and everyone got the impact and depth,,, not to mention the amount of work you and the team have put in Ann the costumes are TERRIFIC and thanks to the fablevision team for capturing it all on camera Claire The learning resources are SO impressive your teachers were raving about your training session at the end – they are going away to get stuck right into it with their classes. WHAT A JOB GUYS WE DID OURSELVES PROUD So much so that George Adam MSP has invited us to go to the parliament in Edinburgh to give our presentation in front of an assembled group of MSPs as an example of a town on its uppers which is pulling itself up through grass roots initiatives YEAY!! WE CAN DO THAT!! WELL DONE ALL

Liz Gardiner

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