Where to get your Costume Materials

We are very pleased with the support that has been shown from other shops in the Paisley Centre.   Helen’s Haberdashery & Hobigoblin on the second floor of the Paisley Centre are providing anyone who is making a costume for the 9th of June a 10% discount on all materials bought for a costume.  Below is a list of materials most commonly used for costumes and their prices.

Bi-stretch for  Skirts/tops/waist-coats                    £3.00/mtr

Calico for Skirts/tops/aprons                                  £4.00/mtr

Polycotton Plain for Petticoats/aprons/bonnets       £3.00/mtr

Polycotton Stripe for Aprons                                     £3.30/mtr

Lace Trim and Apron tape also Available

Please deduct a further 10%from all prices given

If you would like a discount on material to make a costume, please speak to one of our volunteers and they will provide you with a discount card to use in Helen’s Haberdashery.

There is a further list of materials and prices for download on the costume page of this website, as well as suggestions of materials that can be used from around the house.

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